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Downtown Traverse City

Traverse City has earned its reputation as a premier four-season destination thanks to its impressive list of “top in the country” recognitions and an almost endless offering of activities. But when someone asks you about Traverse City, how well do you “really” know all this area has to offer?

If you become TC Certified you’ll have the latest information to be a great ambassador for the area, and may even be surprised at how much you learn about what’s in your own backyard!

What is TC Certified?

Traverse City Winery

A training/certification program created to increase the skills of personnel in the hospitality industry in their ability help visitors and promote the area. There are 6 short quizzes, one for each different topic that can be taken on-line, at your own pace. Best part is - it is an open book quiz and all of the answers can be found on the Traverse City Tourism website!

As an individual - after you complete all 6 quizzes you will be awarded a TC Certified Certificate and button you can wear to show that you have completed the program .

When a business gets 80% of their staff (that has contact with the public) certified they will get a certificate that states their business is TC Certified, denoting a trained staff knowledgeable about the Traverse City Area.

How will I benefit from being TC Certified?

Sleeping Bear Dunes

As an individual you will standout by becoming a more valuable employee through improving your ability to promote the Traverse City area and help guest/visitors make the most of their stay here.

As a Business you’ll gain an edge with improved guest satisfaction from their interaction with a staff that is well trained and knowledgeable about what the area offers.

So get TC Certified today, you may even find yourself becoming a tourist in your own town!!

Traverse City Certified

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